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Why After These Years
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First - several friends of mine, folks that I have the deepest respect for, have told me that this information must be shared.  Whether you are a teacher, preacher, trainer, lawyer, business person, entrepreneur - or just giving a toast at a wedding - the old rules of speaking are obsolete.  Since I've written the new rules, I have an obligation to share them with you.

Second - people write to me every day.  They want to know how to sell their message; how to get over the fear of speaking; how to develop a product to sell at the back of the room; how to put some meaning into their talk.  After years of receiving and giving training in public speaking, I realized there was no single, cost effective source of this information...So I Wrote It!

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Years Worth of Confidential & Previously Undisclosed  Speaking Secrets Revealed

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With the encouragement of my mentors and colleagues, I have spent the last year converting tens of thousands of dollars worth of my own training into a home-study course that reveals everything I have done to revolutionize the concept of public speaking.

None of my techniques are rocket science. It doesn't take some super brain to do this. It only takes an understanding of the "secret formula" that is behind why some people can make this work ... and others can't.


  • Why Every Presentation is a Sales Presentation - even if you are just selling an idea!
  • How You Can Make Money (REAL CASH) from the platform - part-time or full-time

  • 3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Assure That Your Presentation Theme CAN Make Money – do this wrong and you're doomed to failure from the start

  • 8 Original Ideas for Getting Content for Your Presentation

  • How to Get Speaking Opportunities Immediately – speaking for free to non-profit organizations (and get paid for them if you wish)

  • How to Make Money with Affiliate Programs – step-by-step procedures for Amazon, ClickBank and more

  • The Secrets to Getting Invited to Speak at Seminars

  • How to Create Most of Your Material for Free – including the products you sell!

  • My Presentation Skills Bible – Get over those "butterflies" now and sound super-confident every time

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