It Seems as Though All the Books, Courses, and Trainings on Public Speaking are Based on "Rules" That Were Written a Century Ago (until now).

Let me explain.

If you learn correctly, there are a number of ways to make REAL Profits sharing what you know...

  • You Can Get More Speaking Engagements Than You Can Handle
  • You Can Learn How to "WOW" Them With Your Knowledge
  • You Can Even Make Money if You Think You Have No Specialized Knowledge ... No Kidding & I'll Tell You How

But Here's Where Most People are Missing the Boat...

If the "old rules" of public speaking are obsolete, why doesn't someone create "new rules"?

Why indeed? Read on for the answer...

Today, more than ever, earning money from the "platform" is a realistic way to build a profitable part-time or full-time business...


"I spent literally tens of thousands of dollars going to advanced public speaker training courses.  At each one I got a little bit better at my technique - but I was still doing things the old way.

Finally, I realized that everyone has, for the last 100 years, been teaching Public Speaking based on an obsolete set of rules.

So I created New Rules.  Guess what?  They work!

-Kerry O'Hallaron, Author/Speaker/Trainer

Introducing the Public Speaking Gold Mine...

The Critical Process that has been Overlooked by   all the Public Speaking Courses (until now!)

Here's what you'll hear at the world's most renowned public speaking seminars:

"There are two types of speakers: Those that collect a fee, and those that don't.  Take our training, then do several hundred talks for free, and soon you too will be able to collect a small fee for your talks..."

If you ask me, that's not very much to look forward to.  But I say,

Good! Let Them Keep Thinking That

That leaves more for me and my friends that know the Secrets Behind How to Do It Right.

Why You Should Listen to
What I Have to Say

My name is Kerry O'Hallaron. You probably don’t know me, and that’s okay.  (I'm the guy in the middle receiving the award.  My friends are Robert Allen - Nothing Down; Multiple Streams of Income and Mark Victor Hansen of the "Chicken Soup" empire.)

Mark Victor Hansen, a true legend in the public speaking world, once told me I was a " of few words - who makes each one count!"

Yep. Until recently I’ve been lurking behind the scenes, keeping my mouth shut about exactly what I do -- revealing my secrets to just a few friends and members of my mastermind group.

You see, in 1994 I discovered how to get over the fear of talking to groups.  As each year went by, I actually got a little better.

Anyone who speaks, can have their own goal.  Speakers have one goal; trainers have another; preachers, teachers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and business people each have their own goals.

My goal was to become a high-paid "keynote speaker" (the kind that gets $5,000 or more to talk for an hour!).  But it was not to be.

Then, some years later, I learned how to be yet a third "type" of speaker - one that makes big bucks every time out - and the "professional trainers" will never even tell you about this category.

Once you understand the core concepts of this program, you can become a world class speaker in just  weeks...

"Kerry, finding Public Speaking Goldmine was a great Christmas gift!

As a public speaking instructor and business coach, I find your approach to success very refreshing. 

You  truly amaze me with your genuine commitment to sharing your expertise and to helping those you advise to succeed.  Your package is a gold mine in itself and the returns are bountiful for those who are lucky enough to find this gold mine and invest in                    Your package is a gold mine in itself and the returns are bountiful for those who are lucky enough to find this gold mine and invest in it!  Thank you for the inspiration!

 - Haiyan Zhang, Public Speaking Instructor / Business Coach, Ottawa, Ontario

How I Learned to Realize My Dream to be a Successful (and Highly Paid) Speaker

- without actually ever accepting an "engagement fee"

- working when, where and how I wanted to work.

I am a member of the "Baby Boomer" generation. You know. We were taught to get an education, get a job, work hard for your employer, and retire on a pension.

So, I dutifully followed the classical Baby Boomer lifestyle. I graduated from college, got a good job with a big company, and advanced through the ranks to a management position.

Then one day it dawned on me that my dream was turning into a nightmare. I realized my job wasn't "doing it" for me. It wasn't fun anymore. And spending 10-12 hours a day in a job where I was miserable (not to mention the 2-hour commute) just didn't make sense.

So, I started to explore my options. What I really wanted was to start my own business. But what should that business be?

By now I was pretty good at presentations and public speaking.  That only took a little training and a little practice.  But I thought that if anyone could make it as a "fee" speaker, I could.  Plus, it would afford me the freedom, travel, and income I desired.

But there was just one problem.  The "speaker bureaus" could book Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf all day long at $100,000 a pop!  But Kerry who?!!!  It just wasn't happening.

Then, I had a breakthrough.  I was talking to a bunch of hamburger restaurant owners (for free, of course).  They liked what I had to say.  Just on a lark, I offered to give each of them free of charge, a CD with some of my previous talks on it.

Guess what?  Every one of them wanted it!  And several of them told me afterwards they would gladly have PAID to hear more of my talks on CD.  I knew I was on to something...


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