Public Speaking Gold Mine Includes All This

  • 7 Section (350 Pages!) Training Program – Learn step-by-step the new rules of public speaking.  Throw away everything you've learned in the past - the rules have changed.

  • Delivered immediately on-line, along with your personal copy being shipped to you on CD (containing several unadvertised bonuses)
You can listen to this "public speaking seminar in a box" and learn a process that NOBODY else is teaching. It's fantastic.

"Wow!  What else is there to say about this program?  Kerry calls Public Speaking Gold Mine a 'course'.  I call it a whole new way of life.

Up until now, my speaking skills were OK, and my hope of ever earning any money was just about nil.  Plus, I did not want to write a book and I had no idea what else to offer to my audience.

Guess what?  I now have my own CD set that I offer at each talk, and my book will be ready soon - but I haven't even had to write a word to get it done.  I highly recommend this program!  You just can't go wrong with it."

- Gary P. Seligman,  Los Angeles, California

    • Section I – Introduction: Why Every Presentation is a Sales Presentation

    • Section II – College Prep: First Get Past the Fear

    • Section III – Presentation Skills 101: Getting Your Style Right Before Opening Your Mouth

    • Section IV -  Presentation Skills 201: Planning your Strategy, and Strategizing Your Plan

    • Section V – Graduate School: Your Flawless Delivery, and Your Killer Close

    • Section VI – Creating Information Products - Easily and Nearly Free


  •  Bonus Section  – What It Will Take To Become Financially Independent

This is Unquestionably a One-of-a-Kind Resource 

There is quite simply nothing else out there that teaches you step-by-step how to become a persuasive, fearless, profitable, world-class speaker, with the comprehensive degree of detail you will find in the Public Speaking Gold Mine home study course.

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I am extremely confident that you will treasure your Public Speaking Gold Mine training for years to come.  However, to make it easy for you to make this decision, I am offering bonuses of such tremendous value that no sane person could possibly refuse this offer. 

So in addition to the "Secrets of The Public Speaking Gold Mine" training course presented above...

The first 500 people to sign up for my Public Speaking Gold Mine course will receive these valuable bonuses:

  • Outrageous Bonus #1 Success Tele-Conference Series: Participate in three upcoming teleconference training sessions  to reinforce your learning ...
    $100.00 retail valu
    Outrageous Bonus #2 "The Answer is In The Question"  Listen to this simple audio recording I created as a "gift" for my audiences - before they taught me they would actually pay for my training!  Learn how to use this tool to generate sales from the most unlikely audiences! (Delivered electronically)
    $50.00 retail value


Outrageous Bonus #3  FREE Private Coaching by E-Mail – No one (including me) can guarantee your success in any business. If they do, turn and run. They're lying.

But as much as I possibly can, I want to help you succeed by personally working with you to get you off on the right foot. So, for a limited time I will give you  90 Day FREE Private       E-mail Coaching Service to guide you through the process of becoming a world-class speaker or trainer. Anybody can buy this service from me for $100.00. But for the time being I'm offering this to my initial course customers for FREE.
$100.00 retail value

NOTICE: This FREE COACHING offer will end soon. I know of no other public speaking training course that even offers one-on-one coaching such as this.  As I get more and more people working on this course, my time could be totally consumed with this free coaching, and my paid coaching business would suffer. I can't let that happen. So I have allocated a limited number of slots for free coaching to give you a valuable head start with your Speaking business. When these slots are gone... they're GONE. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you come back to this site and this notice is gone, then I am no longer offering the free coaching session.

You can still buy it for $100.00 ... but it will no longer be free.

  • Outrageous Bonus #4  Your personal e-book copy of "Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill (with a special foreword I was privileged to write)

Imagine spending twenty years spending all of your time hanging out with the richest, most successful people in the world; picking their brains, learning what makes them tick, what made them wealthy and successful.  Imagine doing all of that for the sole purpose of figuring out the "formula for success", so you could share that formula with others to help them become successful.  Napoleon Hill is credited with creating more millionaires throughout the world through this book, than any one other single person in history, including Bill Gates.  How much will reading this book be worth to you?  I don't know for sure - a lot, I hope - and I'm sure it will be worth WAY more than what you would pay in the store (and not get my special foreword, by the way).  But just to be conservative, I'm showing you only the bookstore cost - .
$12.50 retail value

  • Outrageous Bonus #6  Do you need to know what to sell at the "back of the room" as a speaker, and how to create it easily and for free?  Here's your answer:  "10 Fast and Easy Ways to Create Your Own Information Product" by Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver.

Just 31 years old, Yanik Silver is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking web sites - and he's only been online full time since February, 2000.

Jim Edwards is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who has developed, marketed and operated outrageously profitable online businesses for both himself and his clients worldwide since 1997.

Using many of the principles that Kerry O'Hallaron teaches in Public Speaking Gold Mine, Jim and Yanik will show you how they have sold literally millions of dollars worth of information products that they have created literally out of thin air.  Special e-book version can be downloaded, saved, viewed on screen, and printed.

$20.00 retail value

  • Outrageous Bonus #7  Your Very First "Back of the Room" Giveaway Product - "The Answer Is In The Question", by YOU

This special bonus needs some explaining.  Remember this title?  You should - it's the title of bonus #3 above.  But along with a copy of the CD for your listening pleasure, we will provide you with a transcript of the CD, and a limited license to re-record the program in your own voice, under your own name, with your own label.  We also give you complete instructions on how to do it.

If you are not already giving away a "freebie" at every talk, one that tells your audience where they can find even "more of you" (such as your web site, etc.), HERE IT IS!  This special license allows you to repackage my copyrighted program free, with no royalties.  The program has worked for me over the years, and it will work for you!

$59.00 retail value

  • Outrageous Bonus #8   33 Days to Online Profits

If you can sell it from the platform, you can sell more of it on the Internet.  In this highly acclaimed training, Internet marketing gurus Jim Edwards and Yanik Silver take you by the hand and show you step by step, minute by minute, how to give up your online innocence and quickly master profits on the Net.  You can pay literally hundreds of times the retail price of this course for the same information.  Don't do it.  This is the source if you want to learn how to market your information products to millions. 
$39.00 value

And now a question for you:  Did I succeed in offering such an outrageous bonus package that no sane individual can possibly pass up the offer to preview Public Speaking Gold Mine?  I hope so - because this really is the end of the bonus section - but read on to see our specially discounted price and our outrageous guarantee.